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Australia adds a huge 71,500 jobs

IRISH emigrants to Australia will be buoyed by new figures that show the country added 71,500 jobs in February – the highest in 13 years.

The Australian economy showed no signs of slowing down as full-time employment jumped by 17,800 and part-time employment was up by 53,700, according to the Bureau of Statistics.

There was also a rise in the total workforce, which comprises those in work plus those looking for it.

The unemployment rate remained at a characteristically low 5.4pc. Analysts said the data was a sign that economic conditions were improving.

A senior economist at Macquarie said that it was "spectacular employment growth" as most analysts expected only about 9,000 jobs to be added in February.

"With that kind of employment growth, obviously policymakers would be feeling pretty comfortable with the current policy settings," he said.