Monday 18 December 2017

Attack-victim artist has op on sliced hand

THE talented Russian artist who had her fingers cut off by a burglar has had to undergo further surgery on her hand after developing arthritis.

Alexandra Trotsenko (40) touched the hearts of the country with her brave steps towards drawing and painting again after the attack in which she had the fingers of her right hand severed.

She was in her Finglas apartment in 2009 when she was attacked and left for dead by burglar James Kenny of Eden Block, Prospect Hill, Finglas.

Kenny also stabbed and slashed Alexandra repeatedly.

"I was not supposed to survive. He tried to kill me.

"I had a hole in my nose, he had stabbed into the back of my neck near my spine, my teeth were broken, my lip was hanging down and I had stab wounds in my cheek and arms," Alexandra remembered.

"I couldn't even talk because my throat was filling with blood. I could only see shadows because my eyes were full of blood," she added.

When the public heard of her plight after the court case that saw Kenny jailed for 16 years, they donated more than €80,000 to a collection organised by Joe Duffy's Liveline.

With that money she was able to have prosthetic fingers made this year, but her recovery hit a setback in recent months when arthritis invaded her index finger.

"I am recovering from surgery to have a joint on my index finger replaced with an artificial one, and I just hope it has been a success," Alexandra said.

"I was not due to have the surgery until the New Year, but the pain became unbearable and I could not even wear the prosthetic fingers, or do any drawing," the artist explained.

"So the operation was moved forward and now I am still in bandages and facing physiotherapy," she added.


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