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Attacker broke student's bones and tried to rape her

A MAN who beat and attempted to rape an 18-year-old student as she walked home after drinking with friends has been given an eight-year sentence.

Lithuanian national Arunas Cervinskas (32) attacked the girl on her way home.

The young woman suffered a broken nose, fractured jaw and shattered eye socket. She also suffered significant bruising to her head, neck and chest and a cut which required stitching.

Cervinskas, with an address at Shanliss Avenue, Santry, pleaded guilty to attempted rape of the girl on May 18, 2006, in a Dublin suburb.

Gardai tracked him through his phone number as the girl had given him her number just prior to the offence and he had called her to verify it.

At the Central Criminal Court, Mr Justice Geroge Birmingham said the victim was "young, frail, slight and vulnerable."

He noted she had been drinking and was alone in an open space.

He said the level of violence in the case was "quite shocking" and that the photos of the victim taken by gardai after the attack were "horrific to view."


Detective Garda Andrina McCarthy told the court that the victim had been out with friends and was making her way home alone when she was approached by two men.

She asked them for a cigarette and one of them said they wanted her phone number and a kiss. She gave her number but refused a kiss. She continued on her way home but was struck from behind and knocked to the ground.

The attacker, whom she recognised as the man who had phoned her, attempted to have sex with her but failed as she wriggled and kicked out at him.

A year later Cervinskas was arrested but denied any involvement. He was charged with attempted rape and remanded on bail. In 2011 a European Arrest Warrant was executed in London and Cervinskas returned to Ireland.

Mr Justice Birmingham imposed an eight-year sentence and suspended the final nine months. He backdated the sentence to when Cervinskas went into custody in November 2011.

Cervinskas has been certified as a sex offender.