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Asthma-suffering tycoon opens own salt therapy spa

A tycoon who was struck down by asthma has opened his own salt therapy spa to help other sufferers.

Dubliner Richard Lindsay (61) said he got incredible relief by inhaling fine salt particles.

Since opening his own salt therapy spa three months ago, hundreds of adults and children have gained relief, he said.

People have travelled from around Ireland to sit in a specially modified room and breathe in air containing invisible crystals of pharmaceutical salt. The salt penetrates deep into the lungs and helps clear out mucus and reduce inflammation, he said.


"My own asthma was so bad I could hardly get out of bed. I was taken to hospital by ambulance a few times. But after a few sessions of salt therapy I thought I'd experienced a miracle. I got marvellous relief," he said.

Mr Lindsay, said he made enough money as a businessman to retire at 51. But he developed asthma at 52 and began to suffer badly as it became a chronic condition.

Last December, he visited the Salt Cave Climatherapy Clinic in Maynooth and was so impressed with the results he wanted to make the treatment more widely available. He travelled to Estonia where he acquired equipment and set up his own Salt Therapy Spa in Malahide.

Mr Lindsay, who lives in The Naul, Co Dublin, said the treatment has been used in Eastern Europe and Russia for a long time.

New equipment developed in recent years have made it more effective, he claims.

The British charity Asthma UK said the treatment, called halotherapy, can have benefits for asthma sufferers.

"I get my satisfaction now from seeing the benefits in others. A lot of gunge is cleared from the chest in the first few sessions," he said.

Salt therapy also benefits people with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, he claimed.

He said over 800 people had visited his spa in Malahide since it opened at the beginning of May, more than half of them children.