Saturday 19 January 2019

Assault victim leaves 'sad' city hospital to get injury treatment in US

The American victim of the assault and robbery in Killiney Road was appalled by what she saw at St Vincent's Hospital (pictured)
The American victim of the assault and robbery in Killiney Road was appalled by what she saw at St Vincent's Hospital (pictured)

A young American woman who had her teeth knocked out during a savage assault last week was so appalled with the conditions she encountered at a Dublin hospital that she flew home for treatment instead.

The 22-year-old, who did not want to be named, was attacked on Killiney Road, south Dublin, at 5.30am last Wednesday as she and two friends travelled to the airport.

Two men approached them as they made their way to the Aircoach stop at the Fitzpatrick Hotel.

The young woman who was attacked was pushed on to the road and suffered a burst lip and broken teeth as well as other facial injuries. Her bag was also taken.


After arriving at St Vincent's Hospital by ambulance, the victim witnessed patients lining corridors on trolleys and was told there would be a long wait before she would be seen.

She then decided that rather than wait she would fly home for treatment.

"We were taken to St Vincent's in an ambulance," one of the group said.

"There were literally patients waiting on gurneys to be treated and the nurses told us it would be a long time before a doctor could see to our friend.

"So we had to choose between seeing a doctor and missing our flight or going home and seeing a doctor in the US, so we left the hospital and got a cab to the airport just in time to make our flights.

"It's really very sad because all three of us love Ireland so much and this was a tragic way to leave.

"I'm afraid now I'll think of Dublin in a different way, which makes me really sad."

The victim and one of her friends had been working in Ireland on a holiday visa while the third woman was visiting them.

They were walking from a friend's house when the two attackers pounced.

"We are on working holidays for the year and both live and work in south Dublin," the victim told the Herald.

"We were just going home to visit our families for a few weeks.

"We stayed at a friend's house the night before and the Fitzpatrick Hotel was the closest Aircoach stop so we decided to walk there. It was only a 10-minute walk.

"I honestly didn't see much, just a man's shadow behind me and then I got shoved face-first on to the street."

The victim's friend told how she saw the two men walking behind her pal, but assumed they were on their way to the Aircoach too.


They then heard their friend scream and turned around to see a man with a white hoodie grabbing her purse.

No one at St Vincent's Hospital was available for comment on the matter.

Gardai from Dun Laoghaire Garda Station are investigating the theft and assault.

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