Monday 11 December 2017

As TV viewers get smarter, so do the ads

Anyone who thinks TV viewing in real time is 'dead' is wrong. And the notion that TV is all about time-shifted viewing with no one watching the ads is way off the mark.

Writing in the latest Television Audience Measurement (TAM) ezine, Dave Winterlich (pictured), chief strategy officer at Dentsu Aegis, says time-shifted TV accounts for only 9pc of adult viewing.

When it comes to the under 25s, time-shifted viewing is 11pc. But Winterlich says TV has its problems measuring audiences.

He would like to see all survey homes issued with a Smart TV, as the smart sets have the technology to promote better audience measurement. TV will soon be traded on programming, but before then, audience measurement must improve.

Agencies and clients have already spent huge money on audience segmentation, but when it comes to trading these audiences, advertisers operate on old-style demographics. How come client and agency data can't be fused with the Nielsen data for audience reports?

As advertisers know a lot about home profiles, it should be possible to show a Carlsberg ad in one home during a Champions League game, while at the same time showing the next door neighbour an ad for baby wipes. Sky Media already offers the service in the UK.

Winterlich says the idea of targeting micro audiences through a media owner side platform seems obvious. He says TV is still an engaging platform for brand owners.

Exciting new ways of targeting audience keep springing up, including product placement and branded content. But audience currencies must change to help advertisers target consumers better.

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