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Arnotts recreated brick-by-brick in Lego just in time for Christmas

A GIANT replica of Arnotts department store in Dublin is to go on display in the shop in time for Christmas.

It took seven months to make with more than 50,000 Lego bricks.

It was built by David Fennell of Brick.ie, an association for adult fans of building with Lego.

David said he got great help from his wife Sarah throughout the project, and that it was inspired by his own memories of Christmas.

"There are 50,000 pieces in the model. I decided to build it as I remembered the Arnotts windows with the Lego models from my childhood when I used to visit Santa there," he said.


The store said it wanted something special for the Christmas display that encapsulated the festive spirit and the shop's position as Ireland's biggest department store.

Arnotts CEO Ray Hernan said the store has a great history with toys, and added that the Lego Arnotts will be the centre of attention this Christmas in the new toy department.

"We're delighted to be re-introducing a toy department," he said. "Arnotts was historically synonymous with life-sized Lego installations at Santa's grotto every Christmas."