Friday 20 July 2018

Armed raiders target empty computer truck in botched city robbery

Gardai are investigating a bizarre armed robbery in which a delivery driver was threatened with a handgun and forced to drive to a laneway when a criminal jumped into his van when he was parked at traffic lights.

The drama unfolded at Snugborough Road in Blanchardstown at around 10.30pm on Saturday when the 30-year-old man who was driving a black Iveco PC World truck was stopped at traffic lights.

A senior source told the Herald that as the driver waited for the lights to change, a man jumped into the passenger side of the vehicle and produced a small black handgun. The suspect's face was covered and he was wearing latex gloves.

He demanded that the driver go to the nearby Kilmartin Lane in Hollystown and threatened the driver with the firearm.

The driver complied with the criminal's demands and when the truck got to Kilmartin Lane, a white Toyota Hiace van pulled up.

Two men got out of the van with the intention of clearing out whatever computer equipment was in the back of the PC World truck.


However much to the shock of the criminals, there were no items in the truck.

They then demanded the driver's mobile phone and took it from him before all three of them fled in the van.

Gardai have been viewing CCTV of the attempted robbery but no arrests have yet been made. Sources say that a traveller gang may be behind the botched heist.

A source told the Herald: "This is a very strange one. These fellas might have thought they would be getting away with thousands of euro worth of computer equipment but all they got was a phone which is valued at around €100.

"The investigation team at Blanchardstown Garda Station has still not established whether this was an opportunistic crime or not.

"If it is opportunistic, it almost beggars belief that a masked gunman would wait at traffic lights for a truck to just arrive there."

The driver was uninjured in the ordeal.


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