Tuesday 14 August 2018

Armed raider pulls gun on mother in front of her three-year-old son

Gardai in Tallaght are investigating the incident
Gardai in Tallaght are investigating the incident

An armed raider pointed a handgun at a terrified young mother in front of her three-year-old child in the city’s latest aggravated burglary.

The reckless thug broke into  a property in west Dublin and brandished a firearm before threatening the woman, who is aged in her early 20s, and demanding cash.

Shockingly, the woman’s toddler son was also in the room at the time.

The incident happened at approximately 9pm on Wednesday in Tallaght.

It is believed the man entered from the front of the property, after which he pointed the handgun at the young mother

He eventually fled empty-handed and the victims were left physically unharmed.

A source described the incident as “particularly reckless”.

“For someone to brandish a weapon and point it at a defenceless and innocent woman is obviously disturbing, but for this to occur with a young child in the room as well is reckless on a worrying scale.

“All it takes is for the weapon to fire accidentally and who knows what might happen? Gardai are desperate to track this man down as he is clearly a threat to the general public.

“The victim is completely innocent, and no matter what the reason a firearm should never be produced, not least in front of a three-year-old child,” the source added.


No arrests have yet been made in relation to the incident, and officers from Tallaght Garda Station are investigating.

It is the third aggravated burglary to occur in the west-Dublin suburb in the last number of weeks.

Last week, a woman woke up to discover a knife-wielding thug standing at the end of her bed. The incident happened on Saturday, August 8 at approximately 5.30am in the Jobstown area.

The victim, aged in her 50s, was asleep when she was disturbed by a man who had broken into her home through a back door.

As she was lying in her bed the thug stood over the woman with a knife, and threatened her. A small amount of cash was taken by the raider.

Gardai are hunting a suspect, aged in his mid-20s who has several previous convictions for drug-related offences.

A week previously an elderly couple were targeted in their home by at least three masked thugs at a property on the Main Road, Tallaght.

The victims, aged in their 70s were confronted by the gang at approximately 10.30pm on July 29.

The elderly couple were threatened with a knife as the raiders ransacked the property searching for valuables.

The thugs eventually made off with a large amount of jewellery and a small quantity of cash.

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