Saturday 18 January 2020

Armed gardai smash way into drug boss Mr Flashy's Dublin HQ

Gardai remove a window to gain entry to the property in Finglas which is linked to the ‘Mr Flashy’ drugs gang
Gardai remove a window to gain entry to the property in Finglas which is linked to the ‘Mr Flashy’ drugs gang

Armed gardai have again stormed the Dublin HQ of a drugs mob led by the 26-year-old gangster known as 'Mr Flashy'.

The house was one of three raided by gardai carrying out drug searches at the weekend.

Garda units, including members of the Armed Support Unit, forcibly removed an entire window on the ground floor as they smashed their way in.

As they searched the property for drugs, a garda helicopter circled above.


Officers believe the 'stash house' in Finglas, is used by the 'Mr Flashy' criminal gang, which is linked to a number of feuds in west Dublin.

Images widely circulated on social media show gardai closing off the road on Saturday evening and entering the house by force.

A small quantity of drugs was found in the house, a vehicle was seized and a man was arrested for obstruction.

The property has been targeted on a number of occasions by rival mobsters, during which shots have been fired at it.

On one occasion, the house was firebombed.

The property has been the focus of much garda attention in the past.

Each time the house is targeted by rival gangsters, or searched by gardai, it is renovated quickly.

Neighbours in the road are reluctant to talk about who lives in the property or any of the attacks or raids that have taken place.

'Mr Flashy' and his gang are involved in a number of serious feuds across Dublin, including those with local Finglas criminals and a Corduff mob.

The mobster is suspected of leading a crew of more than 20 criminals who are heavily involved in the drugs trade in west Dublin.

'Mr Flashy' got his name from his love of expensive clothes and jewellery, and his fondness for showing off his wealth.


The gang had close links to Coolock drug dealer Sean Little, who was shot dead near Balbriggan in May, and Zach Parker, who was shot dead in Swords last January.

Asylum-seeker Hamid Sanambar, an Iranian national shot dead in May, was considered a significant member of the drugs gang.

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