Tuesday 21 November 2017

AR technology will take advertising to a whole new level

It allows a shopper to see what's inside a food product without opening the packaging. Or it can simply mean watching scores during a football match on TV. Augmented reality (AR) is taking off in marketing. How big a take-off is hard to say. But some of the world's best known AR experts will try and answer that when they come to Dublin soon.


AR is where real world set ups combine with computer-generated video, graphics or GPS data. The end result aims to enhance people's perception of reality.

It's different to virtual reality (VR) as VR replaces the real world with make-belief. Steve Dann, CEO of Amplified Robot, is among the AR expert speakers who will be in Dublin.

Dann says every now and then game changing technology shows up. He believes AR is set to change advertising in a dramatic way.

Adland has always embraced new ideas and technology. But AR can make ads more interactive by moving from single layer to multi-layer experiences. It has already influenced ads on mobile phones and tablet devices.

Dann says it's now easier to apply AR technology to ads on even an hourly basis. As use of new technology increases, it will change how people consume ads.

Always-on wearable devices like Microsoft's HoloLens will change how media content is consumed and how people will interact in their daily lives.

Google helped the aptly- named start-up Magic Leap raise $542m for a concept called cinematic reality.

The brainchild of DIT lecturer Alex Gibson, the AR Marketing Conference is in Croke Park on April 29.

Michael Cullen is editor of marketing.ie; cullen@marketing.ie

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