Sunday 17 December 2017

Apology: Sean McDonnell

In articles published on July 5, 2013, we published photographs of a property at Cloghran, North County Dublin, and stated that it was the scene of a find of Semtex, pipebombs, bomb-making material and weapons.

Incorrectly included in the photographs was a garage premises, Spot On Crash Repairs Ltd, owned by Mr Sean McDonnell. We wish to confirm that neither Mr McDonnell nor his garage premises were in any way linked to the discovery of the above mentioned items, which were in fact discovered at a nearby premises. Mr McDonnell is a person of the highest standing who has been trading from his garage premises for a period of 27 years.

We unreservedly apologise to Mr McDonnell and his family for the distress caused in consequence of the erroneous inclusion of his business premises in the photographs.


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On roads with higher speed limits, birds are quicker to take to the air to avoid on-coming traffic.

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