Thursday 23 November 2017

Another hit for Phil Lynott as motorist causes €3,000 worth of damage to statue of iconic rocker

The statue of Phil Lynott
The statue of Phil Lynott

The boy is back in repairs - the bronze statue of Phil Lynott has been removed from Dublin's Harry Street for another makeover.

The 2.4-metre statue of the Thin Lizzy frontman was damaged when a motorist struck it and snapped the neck off the bass guitar.

This is the second time the sculpture has undergone repairs, after vandals knocked the statue off its plinth in 2013.

The motorist involved in the latest incident came forward and accepted full responsibility and offered to foot the bill of €3,000.

The statue should return to its home on Harry Street in a month.

"The statue of Phil Lynott is being lifted and brought to the foundry for repairs after damage was caused to the guitar," a spokeswoman for Dublin City Council said.

"The work and re-installation could take approximately four to five weeks and will cost approximately €3,000.

"The costs are being paid by those responsible for the damage," she said.

It has now been lifted from its base at Harry St and will be taken to the Cast Ltd foundry in Dublin for repairs.

The sculpture was first unveiled in August 2005.

The piece was sculpted by Paul Daly for the Roisin Dubh trust, which was set up to commemorate the life and work of Lynott, who passed away aged 36 in 1986.

It was opened by his mother, Philomena Lynott.

Ms Lynott is believed to be aware of the damages and happy that responsibility was taken.

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