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Anger at NY Times attack on the Irish

Junior Minister Aodhan O Riordain has branded a New York Times article "a disgrace" after it launched a stinging attack on Irish J1 students within hours of the Berkeley tragedy.

The United States' leading newspaper was among a number of American media outlets which published stereotypical reports of students within hours of the deaths of six students.


The Times reported that the work-visa programme has "become not just a source of aspiration, but also a source of embarrassment for Ireland, marked by a series of high-profile episodes involving drunken partying and the wrecking of apartments in places like San Francisco and Santa Barbara".

A number of online news articles in the States also referred to "partying Irish".

Minister O Riordain branded the New York Times article a "disgrace".

Social media users also reacted with anger, describing the article as "crass" and "insensitive".