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Amazon launches child-only 'Fire' tablet

Amazon has launched a new tablet aimed specifically at children, with content that can be entirely controlled by parents.

The Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition has gone on sale in the UK priced from £119 (€162), and includes a two-year guarantee that means if anything happens to it, it can be traded in for free and replaced.

"Despite best intentions, kids break things," says the firm, which has given the tablet a robust coloured case to help further protect it from harm.

The device is based on the Fire HD 6 tablet launched last year, but with a new, child-friendly interface.

The settings give parents the power to control not only the apps children can access, but the amount of time the tablet is used.

They will also be able to set a time the device powers off, potentially removing the "just 10 more minutes" catchphrase from children's vocabularies come bedtime.