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'Am I going to die? I have a young child' – shooting victim's plea to neighbours


 Scene of the shooting of  Jake Sherman  in  Moorfield Avenue in Clondalkin

Scene of the shooting of Jake Sherman in Moorfield Avenue in Clondalkin

Scene of the shooting of Jake Sherman in Moorfield Avenue in Clondalkin

A YOUNG dad shot in the chest ask "Am I going to die?" as he lay injured on the ground.

Jake Sherman (20) was shot at least twice as he was leaning into a parked car in Clondalkin, Dublin.

He was found lying face down on the ground.

As locals in Moorefield Avenue tended to the injured man, he asked: “Am I going to die? I have a young child”, as he passed in and out of consciousness.

Today, the victim remains in a stable condition in Dublin’s Mater Hospital.

It’s believed Jake was talking to a group of people while leaning into a car when a number of shots were fired at him from within the vehicle.

Investigators are now trying to establish if he knew the men who tried to kill him.

“We are in shock. We don't know why he was hit,” his mother Tina told the Herald today.

Gardai are treating the attack as attempted murder

The shooting happened at around 7pm yesterday as Sherman, from the Foxdene estate in Clondalkin, was walking near a friend's house.

He was returning from visiting his girlfriend when the shocking attack took place.

"He was hit once in the chest," his mother Tina said.

"He had been visiting his girlfriend and he was on his way to Neilstown to get some food.

He doesn't know what happened – he has a blank."

Sherman fell backwards after being hit a number of times in the upper body from what was believed to be a handgun.

Locals who heard the shots raced to his aid and were in dialogue with the emergency services as they responded to the 999 call.

A local woman who called the emergency services after the shooting said that Sherman was leaning into a car window at Moorefield Avenue when she heard the shots. "He was leaning in and talking to the people inside," she recalled. "I said to my son 'run over, they're after shooting him' and I called an ambulance and I went over to see if he was alive," she added.

"The ambulance crew asked me to check his pulse to see if he was alive. I checked and said I thought he was but to send somebody quick," the woman said.

Another neighbour, John Brady, said he tried to help as Sherman lay bleeding on the footpath.

"I could see that he was still breathing. I got a pillow from the house which I thought I could put under his head. He was pleading for it but I was told I couldn't move him," he explained. "It's really shocking. There's just no value on life anymore," Mr Brady added.

Sherman was described as being in a very serious condition in Tallaght Hospital today.



A silver-coloured Volvo car believed to have been used by the gunmen was later found partially burned out in Woodford Parade in Clondalkin 3km away from the scene of the shooting. Jake Sherman is not known to gardai, who are now working to identify a motive for the shooting, but suspect the would-be murderers are part of a local drug gang. He was shot just metres from where Dean Johnson (20) was gunned down two years ago while sitting in his car.

Johnson died after the shooting on May 25, 2011.

"This is the second young fellow to get shot around here. We're sick of it. It's getting worse," said a neighbour.

Gardai at Ronanstown have appealed for anyone with information to contact them.

Last night's shooting was the third gun attack this week.

Only 24 hours earlier, dissident republican Peter Butterly (35) was shot dead outside a pub in Gormanston, Co Meath.

And on Sunday, criminal Paul Cullen (26) was shot dead as he sat drinking in the Cabra House pub in Cabra, northwest Dublin.