Wednesday 16 January 2019

Al-qa'ida 'still a major threat'

Al-Qa'ida and groups linked to it remain the world's biggest security threat despite the killing of Osama bin Laden, the head of Interpol has said.

Airlines and other forms of public transport are most at risk, with terrorists using fraudulent passports to travel undetected an area of particular concern, Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble told reporters today at an aviation meeting in Singapore.

"Even before bin Laden was captured and killed, the biggest threat was not only al- Qa'ida but al-Qa'ida-affiliated terrorist groups around the world. I think that remains the biggest threat now as it was before his death," he said.

US to cut back

Afghan troops

US President Barack Obama will order a "real drawdown" of US forces from Afghanistan starting in July, the White House said.

Roughly 100,000 US troops are in Afghanistan, three times as many as when Mr Obama took office, and US forces are expected to remain there until 2014.

Mr Obama sent in an additional 30,000 troops in December 2009.

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