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Almost 60k students get third-level grants - with 30k applications to come


As of this week, 58,794 grants have been awarded

As of this week, 58,794 grants have been awarded

As of this week, 58,794 grants have been awarded

Almost 60,000 students have been awarded third-level grants for the coming academic year.

A further 20,000 applications are still being processed and another 10,000 are expected to be received by Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI), the State's national awarding authority for third-level education.

As of this week, 58,794 grants have been awarded.

By far the most students have been awarded the full grant, with 42pc of students who received the grant having received the full grant.

So far for the incoming academic year, 24,766 students received the full grant.

This consists of 11,343 students living 45km or less from the college. These students will receive €1,215 in monthly instalments during the academic year.

Some 13,423 students living 45km or more from their college also received the full grant, which is €3,025.

For Irish undergraduate students, annual college fees are €3,000 a year.

The most basic form of SUSI grant covers half of these fees.

For the incoming academic year, 2,560 students have so far received this grant.

Some 3,125 students have received the second most basic form of the grant, which covers the full cost of college fees.

Alternatively, the SUSI grant covers tuition fees as applicable.


The maximum possible amount that undergraduate students can receive is the special rate of maintenance, which is €5,915.

A total of 18,185 students have received the special rate so far, which is 32pc of the grants issued.

At least 1,151 students will receive three-quarters of the grant, as well as having their fees paid.

"It is important to point out that these figures are provisional as we still have a number of applications to make a decision on that are either with SUSI for assessment or out with the student requesting documentation," said a spokesperson for SUSI.

"We are also expecting to receive another approximately 10,000 applications this year."

Postgraduate students are also legible for the SUSI grant, with 625 receiving €2,000 in fee contributions and 76 receiving tuition fees up to €6,270.

In 2018, a total of 98,793 students applied for a grant and 12pc of students received the maximum possible amount.

Last year, the national awarding body processed 98,800 applications, with 79,800 students receiving funding for the 2018/2019 academic year.


SUSI grants are the main financial support scheme for students in Ireland which are means-assessed and State-supported.

Grants are issued to students on a monthly basis for the academic year.

For the 2019/2020 academic year, applications are assessed on the gross income from all sources, including parent or guardian jobs for dependent students.

For the 2017/2018 academic year, there were 231,710 enrolments in the higher education system.