Thursday 18 January 2018

'All my Xpose co-hosts are invited to Italy for my wedding' reveals Lisa Cannon

Richard Keatley and Lisa Cannon
Richard Keatley and Lisa Cannon
Xpose Presenters Aisling O Loughlin,Lisa Cannon, Peter O Riordan and Karen Koster on the new Xpose Set at Tv3 Studio's in Ballymount Dublin
Graham Norton

IT'll be the Dolce Vita for Lisa Cannon's Xpose co-hosts as they're all invited to her Italian wedding.

The Dublin native is set to wed her Welsh fiance Richard Keatley in an intimate ceremony in Florence this September.

While many think the glamorous presenters - Aisling O'Loughlin, Karen Koster and Peter O'Riordan - don't get on, Lisa says they are as thick as thieves.

"People are always like 'Oh, you must hate each other'. Well we're always WhatsApping and I recently called Karen to meet up with her and baby Finn. They're all invited to my wedding," she said.

"We've been best pals and colleagues for eight years so it would mean the world to have them there."


Wedding plans may be taking up a lot of her time, but Lisa (36) has also been busy jetting to the Oscars and London premieres.

However, she says things don't always go to plan when she's interviewing Hollywood A-listers.

"One of my most embarrassing moments happened in an interview for Xpose. I didn't forget to switch the camera on - point of note. The camera man forgot to switch the camera on when we interviewed Will Smith," she said.

"I was chatting away to him when he brought it to our attention that the camera wasn't rolling. Will was like 'Talk to you later' so we totally missed the interview."

Lisa says her broadcasting hero is a fellow Irish presenter who has enjoyed massive success in Britain.

"I love Graham Norton, I love his wit and the fact that he is so irreverent and he can get really fun stuff out of the guests," she said.

"That's the way I like to interview as well. I like to have a laugh with people and be normal with them, because they are normal people."

While she's a movie buff, not many people know that Lisa is also a big music fan and always wanted to be a drummer in a band.

"I have really good rhythm, I really have - I secretly wanted to be a drummer. I also did ballet for nearly 19 years which not a lot of people know about," she told TV Now.

"I know with music I can dance to a very good beat. I studied African dance in college as part of a course and they said I was the best African dancer they'd ever seen.

"So obviously I had some good booty moves there than I could shake on stage," she added.


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