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All about Eve as Love/Hate star lands role in first TV3 drama

Love/Hate actress Eve Macklin was on the brink of giving up acting when she was cast in the hit drama.

"I was questioning whether I was in the right career," the 26-year-old said. "Things had been very quiet for a while. But then Love/Hate came along; it couldn't have been better timed."

The Dublin native played Dano's wife, Georgina, in the third season of the drama. Her character played a pivotal role after she caught King Nidge's eye but later slept with gang member Tommy.

Now Eve will be jumping ship to TV3 for its first home-produced drama, Deception. "Getting Deception was icing on the cake," she says. "In a way it was also confirmation I was on the right path."

Eve will play the character of Fiona Woods, a strong-willed doctor.

"Georgina isn't as accomplished as Fiona," Eve explains. "Fiona is a doctor, she is ambitious and is a high-achiever with tons of self-confidence and belief.

"Georgina, on the other hand, suffers from a lack of confidence and self-esteem, leading her to put up with the treatment she endures in her domestic situation."

Deception was filmed in a ghost estate in Spiddeal. Contrary to what viewers may think, Eve says filming in an abandoned housing estate was a delight.

"There were a couple of occasions when we'd wrapped early and were able to go for a swim in the evening. By swim, I mean creep into the Atlantic and run out again from the cold," she laughs.

Having a central role in two of Ireland's most talked about dramas is a coup, says Eve, and even more impressive when the dramas are for rival TV stations.

"I'm very lucky to have got these two jobs," Eve says. "Irish television is really blooming at the moment."