Tuesday 17 July 2018

Aisling steps out of mum Moya's shadow

AISLING Jarvis - daughter of Clannad's Moya Brennan - is set to step out of her mother's shadow and launch her own debut album.

Aisling (22) has been a permanent member of her mother's band for the past few years but is looking forward to a solo career.

Her album, A Handful of Bad Ideas, will be released in September.

Speaking to the Herald, Aisling said "I've been playing with my mam for so long so it's great to step out on my own.

"It's a different sound as well. It's more of a pop/punk and indie rock style album.


"The only crossover would be how we lay down the vocals, but for the most part it's a totally different direction to my mam's music and what I've played before.

"We spent about three weeks in the studio recording all the songs and then it took about another two and a half weeks for it to be mixed, so it was an intense but a brilliant experience," Aisling added.

Her Grammy-award-winning mother was not involved with the recording but Aisling is delighted with what she has produced.

"I've learned so much for my mam over the years, she's an incredibly inspirational recording artist and performer.

"It was lovely to have her listen to the album when it was finished and be like 'I made this'."

An avid musician since early childhood, Aisling plays guitar, bouzouki, keyboard and percussion.

Aisling is hoping to start gigging across Ireland and Europe from September and says that playing the Academy on Abbey Street would be her dream venue.

"I've been to so many gigs there and for me it's a great venue. It would be such a privilege to play there," she said.


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