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Airport will double de-icing stocks

PREDICTIONS of colder winters have prompted Dublin Airport to seek to nearly double its capacity to store vital de-icing fluid.

The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) has applied to Fingal County Council for permission to boost its storage capability.

The fluid is used to clear runways and parking zones of snow and ice during severe weather conditions.

It comes after two successive winters of blizzards, causing flight delays and cancellations.

However, a spokeswoman for the DAA, Siobhan Moore, insisted the authority had sufficient supplies of potassium acetate -- the technical term for the fluid -- during the last big freeze.

She added that it was the airlines which ran out of the substance and were unable to de-ice their aircraft.

The DAA is increasing its stocks to prepare for future subzero spells in the coming years, she added.

"We didn't run out (last winter) but we did run low," Ms Moore told the Herald.

She said one of the problems was that providers of potassium acetate had difficulty getting to the airport with supplies because the weather was so atrocious.

"We are safeguarding our stocks and capacity so we have sufficient capacity. We have to prepare for the worst," she added.

The application refers to the Airfield Maintenance Base in Collinstown Lane where permission to erect seven "double-skinned" tanks for the storage is being sought.