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Airport stress as bad as moving home

Airport hassles are deterring almost 10pc of adults from flying, according to a survey.

And of those who do take to the air, 23pc find the airport experience as stressful as moving house, the poll by life assistance company CPP found.

More than two in five travellers said airports made them feel stressed while a third who have flown said passing through an airport was more stressful than the working week.

Around 9pc of the 2,005 adults polled agreed with the statement: "I don't fly because I don't like the airport experience."

Some 8pc found the experience more stressful than a house move, while 15pc found it as stressful.

The poll found the most nerve-wracking parts of the airport experience included flight delays, mislaying belongings and getting to the departure gate on time.

Around half of those surveyed found it difficult to relax until they were safely on the plane and 45pc reckoned the holiday did not start until they had taken off.


More than two in five found it a struggle getting around foreign airports.

Joanne Gibbons, from CPP, said: "It's a real shame that holidaymakers are experiencing such high levels of stress during what should be the beginning of a period of rest and relaxation.

"But rather than turning away from airports altogether we'd urge families to have a strategy for staying calm prior to boarding -- by checking in online, minimising the amount of luggage they check-in and taking advantage of airport lounge opportunities."