Tuesday 23 January 2018

Airlines rule out U-turn on shoe check

IRISH air travellers will have to keep taking their shoes off at security checks -- for now.

Airlines here are remaining tight-lipped on calls for changes to airport security measures -- following an attack by a British Airways chief on "redundant" anti-terror checks imposed by the US.

BA chairman Martin Broughton this week said that passengers should no longer be required to take off their shoes or have their laptops checked separately in security lines.

Aer Lingus and Ryanair refused to comment on whether security measures were too stringent at Irish airports.

Ryanair's spokesperson told the Herald: "We're not getting involved. The guy from BA has given his opinion and he's entitled to do so."

An Aer Lingus spokeswoman also refused to be drawn on the security levels, but she said it was in favour of "a harmonisation of security rules between States".


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