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Agony of woman raped by her father... and betrayed by the justice system

RAPE victim Fiona Doyle was today asking one question -- why?

Why was her evil rapist father, who abused her for 10 years, allowed to walk free?

There was widespread public disbelief after Patrick O'Brien was given bail despite pleading guilty to the serial rape and sexual abuse of his daughter.

He first raped the little girl on the eve of her First Holy Communion and continued the abuse for another ten years.

Despite being sentenced to 12 years in prison, O'Brien walked free after a judge suspended nine years and allowed bail pending an appeal.

There were strong calls today for the court authorities to "fast track" his appeal process amid fears that it could be months until he ends up in prison.

Ellen O'Malley Dunlop, of the Rape Crisis Centre, told the Herald: "For the victim's sake, I truly hope we are not facing a situation where this convicted criminal remains outside of prison for months on end."