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After maths and Geography, I'm in need of a rest...

Yesterday was really good, I thought. Geography was a really good paper in general and everything the teacher had predicted came up.

Luckily that's what I had covered before the exam. The short question section was general knowledge, as expected. And the second section was shaping landscapes and their interaction with natural places.

I answered the question on the Three Gorges Dam in China and how it interacted with the environment and with the people and animals. And then I answered the one dealing with the benefits of volcanoes, which was pretty straightforward.

For the economic elective, and I wrote about European policies and I had to draw a graph for that. I also answered the question about the biome, and I wrote about how humans interact with the tropical rainforest.

I didn't get to finish the last question due to time constraints, but that was the only problem I had for the whole paper. I was pretty pleased with it overall.

I sat the ordinary level maths paper and I thought it was tough enough. Some parts were easy while some were challenging, but it's the same each year. I'm not counting it as a subject for points, so I'm not too worried about it. Thankfully I got it done before time and I got out early.

It's good to have time off for the weekend now and I just want to get some rest for next week. I did a couple of hours when I came home yesterday but otherwise I took the evening off. I was wrecked yesterday.

For me, the exams which require the most amount of writing are now over. Over the last few days, I found myself writing everything as fast as I could. But since I don't do history and I don't do business, most of the writing is over for me.