Friday 21 September 2018

'After 11 years, we only want to know how our sister died'

Mandy and Tracy McKeown at the site near Blessington where the body of their Sister Lynnette McKeown was found murdered
Mandy and Tracy McKeown at the site near Blessington where the body of their Sister Lynnette McKeown was found murdered
Lynette McKeown

The family of a young Dublin woman whose naked body was found 11 years ago are still waiting to find out how she died.

Lynette McKeown's body, bound at the ankles with a black bin bag, was found by farmers in Eadestown, Co Kildare a full week after she was reported missing in Dublin in 2004.

It has never been established if she was murdered or how she died. At the time, she was addicted to heroin and had begun working as a street-walker in the north inner city to pay for her habit.

The 19-year-old was last seen on the evening of August 13, 2004 after leaving her then partner and child at a bed and breakfast in north Dublin. Her body was found more than a week later, on August 21.


The length of time it lay undiscovered made it impossible to determine a cause of death.

Her inquest in 2005 heard that "aspiration from vomit due to morphine toxicity" may have been a cause of death.

But, her family are still left bewildered and distraught at not knowing what happened to Lynette. Her sisters, Tracy and Amanda, have appealed for anyone who has any information about Lynette's death to contact them.

"The guards used to call around and there was a liaison officer at the start, but we haven't heard a thing in ages. They never call. We have no idea what's going on," Tracy said.

"We don't know how Lynette died, if she was murdered somewhere and her body was brought to Eadestown or if she was unconscious and was just left and died. Why would anyone bring her all the way out of Dublin and leave her if she had overdosed? It doesn't make any sense."

Amanda said Lynette was lovely. "She was always into fun and joking. She was a great little dancer. She was always dancing to the radio.

"People might have felt she was a junkie and that but she was a lovely, lovely girl and she loved her daughter and always had her beautiful. We all feel let down not knowing what happened," Amanda said.

Lynette is believed to have drifted into drug taking after giving birth to her daughter at the age of 17. It was later discovered that on the day she disappeared she had made an arrangement to buy drugs from a dealer in Inchicore.

Gardai questioned the dealer who told them Lynette had contacted him to say she was on her way in a taxi but never appeared.

Gardai were never able to establish why Lynette was taken to the disused shed just off the narrow country road between Eadestown and Ballymore Eustace, almost 30 miles from where she was last seen.

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