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After 10 months in US hospital, Sergio is home

SERGIO O'CONNOR (23 months):

"Sergio is about to have his first bath in 10 months and is fascinated by the water," says Donal O'Connor (34) of Sergio, who recently returned from a Boston Hospital.

Home for the moment is Crumlin Hospital for Sergio, and says dad Donal, "He's on a lot of medication which needs overseeing but we're hoping to get home to Donnycarney in the next few weeks."

Sergio was born with a rare condition which prevented him from eating, drinking and swallowing. In his short life Sergio has already had nine major surgeries.

The toddler was treated at the Oesophageal Advanced Centre in the Children's Hospital Boston which will allow Sergio's oesophagus to be repaired, thus giving him a better quality of life.

Prior to going to the States last April, Donal and his wife Rosa (37), who are also parent's to Sergio's twin brother, Tadhg, had to raise money to help pay for part of the medical procedures.

Donal says, "We weren't handed funding from the HSE on a plate. It took a good while to get it. But they did come up trumps in the end when it became apparent that there was no other treatment available for Sergio.

"We recently received a medical card which should cover Sergio's future speech therapy and physiotherapy."