Sunday 20 January 2019

Adams under pressure on IRA killing of McConville

GERRY Adams was still plagued by his past today as questions persisted over his involvement in the IRA.

The Sinn Fein leader was again forced to deny claims from an IRA man, now dead, that he was involved in the murder of mother-of-ten Jean McConville.

He accused his dead friend Brendan Hughes of having an agenda.

Mr Hughes alleged in his book that Mr Adams was an IRA boss in an interview that was done on the basis that it would only be revealed after his death, which occurred in 2008.

Today, Adams was again denying membership of the IRA during an interview for RTE's Morning Ireland in which he said Hughes was trying "to feed" an agenda.

"I respect the family and Brendan Hughes was a friend of mine.

"But Brendan Hughes also accused the Sinn Fein leadership of selling out the republican struggle, of being guilty of treachery, or betraying the IRA, including himself," he said.


The family of Mrs McConville who was abducted and killed in 1972 have appealed to voters in Louth to choose "anybody but Adams".

However, he said that his "respect for the family is also a respect for the Irish people".

Helen McKendry, a daughter of Mrs McConville, has told the Herald that her family felt the politician was "in fact dancing on Jean's grave". Mr Adams has already threatened to sue the Herald over an interview published with Ms McKendry.

"I'm putting myself forward for election. I'm standing on my record. I'd like to think that I played some part in bringing an end to all that was going on in the North," he said today.

Asked about the allegations, he insisted: "I have answered all of that. It isn't an issue, if I may say so, that is pressing down on the vast majority of people. I have denied and I just end up denying, denying, denying any involvement in that poor unfortunate woman's abduction and death."

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