Wednesday 16 January 2019

Adams is now ‘dancing on mum Jean’s grave’

ABA: McConville family sickened by Dail bid

Cormac Murphy THE family of IRA murder victim Jean McConville today accused Gerry Adams of "dancing on her grave".

Jean’s daughter Helen McKendry told the Herald: “It makes me sick, it turns my stomach to hear him talk about the children of the Republic and their future in this recession.

“What future did he and his comrades give my mother when she was only 37 and we were just children?,” asked Helen.

Relatives and friends of the mum-of-10 attacked Adams for running in the Louth constituency, where Ms Conville’s body was buried for 30 years.

Ms McKendry added: “No one is raising the questions about the Disappeared, especially Jean”.

“In this election I am asking the people not only of Louth but across the Republic to remember Jean. That is my main message to the voters. It should be ABA – Anybody But Adams,” she said.

She is frustrated that Adams is not being questioned about his role in the disappearance and murder of her mother.

“They need to start asking hard questions. Can you imagine if another politician was accused by some of his closest former comrades that they had been involved in a crime like murder?” she said.

“They would be hounded to answer at every available opportunity but not Gerry Adams. Why is there this silence and fear surrounding him?” Ms McKendry asked.

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has always denied allegations he was involved in McConville’s disappearance in 1972.

A book based on interviews with a former IRA leader, Brendan Hughes, who died in 2008, claims Mr Adams ordered her murder over claims she was a British army informer.

She was taken from the Divis Flats on the Falls Road in Belfast and shot by the IRA. It was alleged at the time that the devoted mother had been found in possession of a British army radio transmitter.

She was buried in an unmarked grave in Co Louth that was only discovered in 2003.

Mr Adams said: “I reject absolutely any accusation that I had any hand or part in the killing and disappearing of Jean McConville or in any of the other allegations that are being promoted.”

Adams once told the McKendry/ McConville family the IRA was not responsible for her murder during an initial meeting with them in 1994 shortly after the IRA ceasefire that year.


Ms McKendry has pointed out that even Dolorous Price has admitted publicly on RTE television that Adams ordered her to drive the car that took Jean across the border to the place of her brutal execution.

“By standing in the area where my mother was killed and then buried in secret he is in fact dancing on Jean’s grave,” she says.

She added: “He lied to me in 1994 and kept lying right up to 1999 when the IRA finally admitted that they had killed Jean.

“Can he then be taken on trust? People should ask him. I am speaking out in this election particularly for the younger generation as the Troubles is going back into history.

“It’s important that they find that the man claiming to be their saviour is a liar, who ordered that a mother’s life be taken away and that our lives were ruined as a result.

Nothing will stop me speaking out in truth about Jean and the other Disappeared.”

It comes a day after a new opinion poll showed four out of five people do not believe Adams’ denials that he was a member of the IRA.

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