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Adams attacks press at €260k SF fundraiser

SINN Fein charged people attending a lavish dinner in New York last night more than €400 a plate.

Six hundred and fifty people attended the event, organised by friends of Sinn Fein USA.

With tickets selling for an eye-watering $500 (€403), the evening was expected to raise in excess of €260,000.

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams arrived at the Sheraton Hotel in Times Square yesterday evening where he met with party donors.

Supporters enjoyed a mixed salad to start, followed by a fillet mignon as the Sinn Fein president addressed the room for almost 35 minutes. The event was organised by friends of Sinn Fein USA.

Mr Adams used the occasion to tell those in attendance that the Government is "drowning" on the water charges issue.

"There is a row going on at the moment over the issue of water and the Government is drowning in the uprising taking place."

He told supporters that the Taoiseach, Tanaiste and Fianna Fail were prepared to employ any "dirty trick, any slander, any lie" to stem the rising tide of support for Sinn Fein in Ireland but that the "scurrilous accusations" being made against him and the party were "untrue".

Mr Adams also used the platform to launch an attack on the Herald's parent company, accusing the Independent Group of Newspapers of a "campaign of slander" against the party.


"The Independent Group of Newspapers opposed our efforts at building peace 20 years ago, and continues to attack us today," he said.

Since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, Sinn Fein has been linked to the Northern Bank robbery, Mr Adams has been arrested and questioned over the disappearance and murder of Jean McConville and the family of 2005 murder victim Robert McCartney have accused the party of obstructing justice.

Last night, Mr Adams told how Michael Collins dealt with a critical press 100 years ago.

"He went in, sent volunteers in to the offices, held the editor at gun point and destroyed the entire printing press.

"That's what he did. Now I can just see the headline in the Independent tomorrow, I'm obviously not advocating that."

The party's finance spokesman Pearse Doherty spoke briefly before the main address from Mr Adams.