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Adams 'a hypocrite' for private op in US

GERRY Adams has been accused of being "incredibly hypocritical" for undergoing private surgery in the US despite consistently berating the Government for 'privatising' the health system.

The Sinn Fein leader is fighting a storm of criticism after it emerged he flew to New York for medical care last summer.

Louth TD Adams has consistently criticised the Coalition's health policy as a clear privatisation.

"The policy of the last government and of this is to encourage the privatisation of the health service, including private nursing homes and to cut resources to public nursing homes," he said last year.


A number of politicians have accused Mr Adams of double standards by not seeking treatment in Ireland.

A party spokesman refused to say whether the surgery could have been carried out by either the HSE or the NHS.

"That's a matter for Gerry and not for me," he said.

Fine Gael chairman Charlie Flanagan described the trip as "another example of Sinn Fein socialism".

He added: "This is not very consistent with Sinn Fein policy. This is another example of the doublespeak we have come to expect from Sinn Fein."

Fianna Fail Dublin spokes-person Darragh O'Brien accused Mr Adams of hypocrisy.

"I hope the operation was a success, but it does seem to me to be incredibly hypocritical. Do Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein not trust our health service?"

Sinn Fein has insisted that Mr Adams paid for the trip out of his own pocket and said that he was advised that the treatment was best carried out in New York.