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'Activist' Russell wades into 'Oirish' debate on water

British comedian and activist Russell Brand has waded into the Irish Water debate in his latest online video.

Brand claims that people are going to be charged for "their most basic right" in Ireland because of "irresponsible government policies".

The self-professed revolutionary - who releases a new video on his YouTube channel every day where he gives the 'true news' - attempts an Irish accent as he describes the water charges debate in Ireland.

Dressed in a white blanket, the comedian reads from a sheet of paper during the 10- minute video and tells the camera that a third of Irish people are "burning their contracts with Irish Water".

He goes on to say that the Irish Government has "enough resources and enough money, but the infrastructure of Ireland has been set up to persecute the most poor people and benefit the richest institutions. One- in-four people endure social deprivation".

"But let's present different stories, set up an infrastructural [sic] situation where the companies and the institutions that have the most money and the most wealth are continuing to be able to suck the wealth out of the country, and the poorest people are expected to support it? That's not democracy."

Speaking about the nationwide protests recently Brand says that Irish protesters should be supported.

"The Irish are used to protesting against people like us, the British, so they have good protest songs, 'From the rivers to the sea, Irish water will be free'.

"We should support the people who are protesting."

He then raises a glass of water and toasts "To Ireland".