Sunday 21 January 2018

Accused 'strangled Elaine with plastic bag on video clip until her body went limp', jury is told

Elaine O'Hara
Elaine O'Hara

A VIDEO found on a hard drive seized at Graham Dwyer's home showed the accused strangling Elaine O'Hara with a plastic bag until she was seen going limp, the jury heard.

The clip was described in court by prosecutor Sean Guerin SC as Det Sgt Peter Woods of Blackrock Garda Station gave evidence.

Det Sgt Woods also confirmed that none of the videos found in their search of the defendant's home featured Mr Dwyer's wife.

The jury was last week played a series of videos of the accused having sex with and stabbing women, including Ms O'Hara.

As Det Sgt Woods gave evidence, Mr Guerin told the jury of the videos that had been found on hard drives at the accused's home.

He said clips that had been previously shown to the jury had featured stabbing but others showed general sexual activity or BDSM "of one sort or the other", including the "use or pretend use of a knife".

Mr Guerin said one aspect of text messages the jury had heard about previously was strangulation and there was one video in which this was featured.

"Yes, where Mr Dwyer and Ms O'Hara are clearly identifiable," Det Sgt Woods said. He confirmed to Mr Guerin that there were six videos which showed the accused and deceased. He was able to identify two apartments in Blackrock where Ms O'Hara had lived and a mole that was on Ms O'Hara's body, as well as a tattoo on the accused.

Remy Farrell SC, defending, pointed out that the identities in the videos were not disputed.

The court heard the video was found in the folder named "sub" on the hard drive.


Mr Guerin said there were other women in the videos but "the wife of the accused is not one of them".

"No she is not," Det Sgt Woods said.

Mr Guerin then said the strangulation clip was one in which "Graham Dwyer is seen kneeling behind Ms O'Hara and placing a clear plastic bag over her head and wrapping a cable around her neck so as to seal the bag", Mr Guerin said.

"He can be seen tightening the cable and at a certain point in the video, Ms O'Hara is seen going limp and falling to one side," he added.

"That is right," Det Sgt Woods agreed.

The trial continues.


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