Wednesday 20 March 2019

A tale of two cities as Samantha Mumba mulls over move home to Dublin

Samantha Mumba and baby Sage in VIP magazine shoot
Samantha Mumba and baby Sage in VIP magazine shoot
Samantha Mumba and baby Sage in VIP magazine shoot
Samantha Mumba

Samantha Mumba is thinking about quitting LA to send her daughter Sage to school in Dublin.

The singer (32) has been based Stateside for years but since giving birth to her first daughter in March, Samantha and her husband Torray Scales are considering moving back to her home country.

"Myself and Torray are in two minds. If we're going to move back to Dublin, it will be before she starts school. I keep changing my mind all the time," she explained.

"It's great to know that we've the option of both."

The Drumcondra native, who had a string of chart topping hits back in the noughties, including Gotta Tell You, is settling into her new role as a mother.

"I've never been this happy in my life," she told the latest issue of VIP Magazine, which goes on sale tomorrow.

"She's just my little pride and joy. Like with every new mother, I was second-guessing myself at the start, and constantly worrying if she was okay, but it's all part of the process.

The singer said she's comfortable in her new role.

"It's great now because I know her so well - I know what every cry means. I'm mad about her."

Samantha is back in Ireland for the summer and feels more at home on Irish shores since welcoming Sage into the world.


"Since having Sage it's great being around my family and for them being there for special things with her. It's a tough one," she said

"I think it's important for [Sage] to know where her roots are from."

Just months after giving birth, the 32-year-old was pictured looking super fit while enjoying time on the beach with her family.

Her amazing figure hit the headlines and also saw Samantha come under fire from online trolls.

Despite the criticism, Samantha has refused to let the internet backlash get to her.

"There were some negative comments and for every five negative comment there was 10 positive. Each to their own. That's the beauty of the internet. People can express themselves and that's not really any of my business at the end of the day," she explained.

"It's hard to be a woman. We're under a lot of pressure.

"Maybe it was someone having a bad day and if it makes them feel better about themselves to say something bad about me on the internet then that's fine, it really is."

Speaking on Saturday Night with Miriam recently, Samantha also said how becoming a mother has made her more driven in other aspects of her life, including her career. She also hinted at the possibility of a singing comeback.

"The next [chapter] is really taking my time and doing things with focus," she explained.

"Sage has given me a lot more focus because for the last few years I didn't know my direction. Now my priority is to take care of her and provide for her."

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