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A menacing element to water protest

the scenes at the anti-water charge protest in Jobs-town on Saturday were sinister, shocking and have no place in a democratic society.

It is unacceptable that the country's deputy leader, attending a community event, should be spat at, verbally abused, hit with a water-filled balloon and effectively imprisoned in her car for nearly three hours.

Every citizen has a right to peaceful protest, but what occurred in Jobstown was, at times, not peaceful. It went beyond protest and into the realm of criminal behaviour.

Ms Burton has rightly described the demonstration as undemocratic.

What occurred is the latest incident in a protest campaign that is becoming, in some quarters, increasingly menacing.

Further clashes took place yesterday between protesters and gardai as the Taoiseach attended an event at the Mansion House.

Peaceful protest is one thing, but this activity is totally unacceptable.

The world of horse racing is a poorer place today after the passing of Dessie Hughes.

The jockey-turned-trainer was one of the legends of the turf, winning the Champion Hurdle at Cheltenham in both roles.

He was also renowned as a gentlemen, popular with all in the racing fraternity. Rest in peace.