Monday 21 January 2019

90pc of social media users not proactive

The role of social media is exaggerated and to say that new arrivals like Facebook and Twitter will 'kill off' traditional media is nonsense.

Speaking at a seminar on digital for Publicis QMP advertising clients, former Prime Time presenter Mark Little (right) said content is not king and evidence for this is the fact that a viral has no value.

With so much information overload, people are trying to separate news from noise. News events create communities and social media play to that.

About 90pc of people who use social media are not proactive, 9pc share, and just one in every 100 users creates content.

Marketers should be aware that social media fans are high maintenance. By anyone signing up to sharing sites like Twitter or Facebook, it shows they want to be part of a community. When ignored, the reaction is "why wasn't I consulted?" Social media spread messages and accelerate ideas.

TV will make gains from new media tools and stronger links will develop with viewers tweeting on screen.

Little said Irish politics isn't ready yet for social media but he predicts "a golden age of communications" soon. Little took a year's leave from RTE last year to develop a new online venture. Called Storyful, the digital media company is based in the National College of Ireland, near the IFSC in Dublin's Docklands.

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