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80 mins of PE is not enough -- GAA star

A LEADING GAA star has said schools need to set aside more than the standard 80 minutes a week for physical education.

PE teacher and Meath football captain Kevin Reilly feels that cutbacks in schools are impacting on the well-being of pupils.

And he says that children are not getting enough exercise and in some schools there are simply not enough resources.

"With only 80 minutes provided to students per week, PE in schools is far from ideal," he told the Herald. "In my opinion it should be far more than this, but we can only offer them 80 minutes because of the current curriculum."

The star was speaking following the shocking revelation that almost 90pc of school children are not active enough.

"We've seen that students are finding it harder to get out and engage in active after-school activities," said the Meath full-back.

"I think it's very important that we encourage after-school activities."