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62pc earn below average wage

CLOSE to two-thirds of households have an income below the national average, new research has identified.

Although 62pc earn less than the national average, the top 30pc of households earn more than €70,000 when salaries and welfare payments such as child benefit are included.

The average household income is €56,522.

But almost a third of households are struggling with a disposable income of less than €500 a month.

The Nevin Economic Research Institute said that only 2pc of households earns more than €200,000 a year, while 14pc earn more than €100,000.

"The income distribution is highly skewed, with more than 60pc of households having an income below the (mean) average," the report says.

The research, which analysed information collected by the Central Statistics Office in 2009 said that half of households have a disposable income of less than €38,255 a year.