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60 arrests following six month probe into the supply of drugs


Gardai on duty.

Gardai on duty.

Gardai on duty.

A major Garda drugs operation has resulted in the arrest of 60 people in Dublin, Cork and Wexford for their involvement in the sale and supply of heroin.

The arrest stage of the operation follows a six month surveillance operation coordinated by the recently established Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau.

Under this phase of the operation 50 residential properties were searched by over 100 Gardai across the three counties over the past 48 hours. The searches culminated in the seizure of large amounts of heroin although the garda are currently unaware as to how much was seized. The arrested individuals face over 200 drug charges between them.

“The three operations were a significant success in combating the illegal drugs trade in this country,” according to Detective Chief Superintendent Michael O’Sullivan.

Operations Tempest, Emerson and Denver were carried out in Dublin, Cork and Wexford respectively over the last 6 months. The operations involved large amounts of “covert and overt” surveillance of street, mid-level and high level heroin dealers.

Operation Tempest saw 26 arrests in Dublin. All arrested were male and will appear in court tomorrow. This search and arrest operation was the second phase of ‘operation tempest’ which saw the arrest of 45 individuals in Dublin’s north inner city last year.

Operation Emerson saw 16 men and 9 women arrested in Cork. All of those arrested are today in Court District Court.

In Wexford, ‘Operation Denver’ was the name for the smallest branch of the overall operation. It resulted in the arrest of two women and seven men, with ages ranging from 22 to 61 years of age.  All of the people arrested in the operation were charged in connection with the supply of Heroin in the area.  The suspects are due in court at Wexford District Court next week.