Friday 15 December 2017

€4.7m plan to
restore city's famed square

Mountjoy Square could be restored to its former glory for €4.67m, turning it into a "cultural gateway to the city".

A new report says the square could be renovated to help show off the architectural beauty of Georgian Dublin, with a bandstand, cafe and playground.

The plan would involve demolishing some buildings and moving community facilities to another site.

The square, which was first laid out in 1790 and completed in 1818, was once home to leading members of the professional classes.


The report, prepared by conservation experts Howley Hayes Architects, says: "Mountjoy Square is a historic place of national significance and makes a major contribution to the European significance of Georgian Dublin".

Their plan, which looked at the significance of the square over 200 years, says: "It illustrates the urban planning ideas of the Enlightenment that flourished throughout the continent during the 18th Century."

Calling it the "only true garden square in Dublin with four sides of exactly 134 metres each", it describes the area as one of the city's "highest architectural achievements".

The report points out, however, that the square needs upgrading.

Park buildings have fallen into "poor condition" and would need to be replaced, with pedestrian crossings installed near entrances to make the area more accessible.

The architects would like to see the original paths and lawn restored with a new café and toilets and possibly a bandstand and playground.

Dublin City Council said the square had the great potential to be a "cultural gateway to the city and entice visitors to explore our valued Georgian heritage".


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