Tuesday 21 November 2017

40,000 jump on new Leap card in first six weeks

Uptake of the new Leap card has been strong with 40,000 issued and €1m worth of top-up transactions in the first six weeks.

The long-awaited integrated transport ticket for the city went live last month, and new figures show that there have been 350,000 journeys to date.

The card allows commuters to switch between bus, Luas, Dart and rail services with one ticket.

A spokesperson for campaigning group Rail Users Ireland said: "The main motivation behind people obtaining Leap Cards is to reduce costs."

He said that the feedback from passengers to date was that there are a still number of issues to be addressed.


In relation to Dublin Bus, it was felt that the fare structure is confusing. Commuters on shorter journeys have to engage with the driver to get a ticket, and a tag on, tag off system for shorter journeys can't be used on the buses, he said.

In addition, the spokesperson said that some passengers have reported difficulty in seeing their balance when paying on Dublin Bus, and knowing when the transaction is complete as the beep can be inaudible.

Meanwhile, getting a refund can pose difficulties for customers too, with different systems of offering refunds used in relation to the Luas, Irish Rail and Dublin Bus, he said.

The new Leap card has already incurred costs of €48.3m. Another €7m is earmarked over the next year for advertising, facilitating a wider range of ticket options and bringing Bus Eireann commuter routes into the system.

Public transport users can purchase and top up their Leap Card at more than 350 authorised agents across Dublin and online. Users pay a refundable €5 deposit when buying the card online or from one of 400 agent shops around the capital and they must top up by a minimum of €5 travel credit.


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