Monday 27 January 2020

€3.20 beer in Barracks is half the price of pint in Temple Bar

Soldiers drink cut-price stout
Soldiers drink cut-price stout

Defence Forces personnel pay only €3.20 for a pint of stout - less than half the price charged by some pubs in Dublin.

The official price list for 45 bars and canteens in barracks and bases around the country shows the military can buy booze at rock-bottom prices, with pints costing as little as €2.80 and shots only €1.90.

A measure of gin or vodka is €2, while a shot of whiskey costs €2.20. Brandy is €2.40 and Jagermeister is €1.90.

While a pint of Guinness sets soldiers back €3.20, pub customers can pay up to €6.90 in Temple Bar.

Pints of Heineken, Carlsberg and Budweiser can also be enjoyed for €3.20, while tose on a budget can get a pint of Beamish for €2.80 or a pint of Fosters for €3.

The latest financial accounts for the Defence Forces Canteen Board, which oversees the operation of all 45 outlets, show total sales in 2017 amounted to €1.75m, representing a decrease of 4.7pc from the previous year.


It was the first year that the Canteen Board did not receive any subvention from the Department of Defence.

It was paid nearly €1m in grant aid during the previous five years.

Admission to the Army bars is restricted to members of the military, but civilian guests may attend at the invitation of official personnel.

Other cheap alcoholic products on sale in Army bars include pint bottles of Bulmers cider for €3.70 and Smirnoff Ice for €3.30.

A measure of 12-year-old Jameson 1780 costs €3.80, while it sells for up to three times that in civilian lic-ensed premises.

Non-alcoholic goods that can be bought are also keenly priced.

A cup of coffee costs 70c, tea is 50c and soup costs 60c.

A price list compiled by online retailer The Sweater Shop showed the cost of a pint of Guinness in Dublin pubs last March.

The dearest was €6.90 in the Temple Bar, followed by €6.80 at the Malt House.

The cheapest pint was €3.70 at the Snug in Dublin 8, followed by €4 in the Portobello, the Auld Triangle on Dorset Street and Downey's in Cabra.

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