Thursday 17 January 2019

30kph speed limit to be scrapped in part of city centre

A section of the controversial 30kph zone in Dublin city centre is to be increased to 50kph, draft proposals produced by Dublin City Council show.

The remainder -- between Grattan Bridge and Butt Bridge -- is to be kept in place.

The details are contained in the council's Draft Special Speed Limit Bye-Laws 2011, which are to be presented to the local authority's transport committee this week.

Only one submission -- from the Dublin Cycling Campaign -- was received on the proposals during the public consultation phase.

The campaign's Colm Moore expressed concern that it was planned to increase speed limits from 30 to 50kph "on a number of side streets" as well.

Mr Moore said he was referring to the section covered by Merchant's Quay, Bridge Street Lower and Upper, High Street, St Michael's Hill and Winetavern Street.

In response, the council amended the draft plans so that the 30kph limit is retained on those streets.

It is almost exactly a year since the bye-laws reducing speeds came into effect, causing a major storm.

In the wake of the controversy, the transport committee adopted a motion in September to reduce the extent of the 30kph zone.


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