Friday 19 January 2018

2FM star Jenny Greene: I can't wait to get stuck into my wedding plans

Jenny and Kelly
Jenny and Kelly
Jenny Greene and Nikki Byrne

Kelly and I got engaged in Portugal a few weeks ago and we're still enjoying the honeymoon period! But I'd say we'll get stuck into wedding plans soon.

We didn't have an engagement party but we've been out to celebrate with our friends and families a good few times over the last few weeks.

I've been blown away by all the flowers, gifts and cards - our house is covered in them which is lovely.

We're going to start looking at dates and venues soon because you need to plan all those in advance.

I think we'll get married at home but the beauty of it is we're not limited to the typical traditions of a wedding.

We can kind of do whatever we want. We don't have to have two brides dresses or bridesmaids, we can do our thing which is lovely.

We even said if we got two really nice dresses but not necessarily white it'd be really cool.

We're hoping to pull it all together and get married next year but I've never organised a wedding before so I think I could get a shock when I get stuck into the plans.

I definitely won't be a bridezilla anyway, we both just fancy a good party that's laid back and low key so that makes it less stressful.


Nicky used his Westlife experience to help me pose for photos

Jenny Greene and Nikki Byrne

We got some fresh photos taken for 2fm yesterday, and in fairness you couldn't have anyone better with you than Nicky Byrne.

From all his years in Westlife he's got looking good in photographs down to a tee. He told me to stand like this, look like this, change sides . . .

He was better than the director - he's got it down at this stage.

He was looking at the pictures and made me change sides so I looked better so I was delighted with that.

If it makes me look better then I'm all for it.

I was slagging him about singing at the wedding but I really hope he does.

I reckon he'll sing a tune - he told us to let him the know the song we wanted and I think once we do that and he's comfortable with it, he will do it.

I think it'd be lovely to have that on the day, it'd be something different.

We're lucky that we can do whatever we want on the day.

We're hoping to get married next summer so he'll have nearly a year to practise so he'll have no excuse.


I can't wait for a night out at the PPI awards

This weekend I'm going to take it easy because me and Nicky are heading up to Galway next Friday for the PPI Radio Awards.

We've been nominated in the best General Music Programme category which we're so delighted about.

I present the Electric Disco on Saturday nights so I might be a bit ropey on next week's show - as win or lose we'll have a few drinks to celebrate.

It's been a good year so I'm really looking forward to a night on the town.

It's a great night because you get to hang out with all our pals in the industry who we don't get to see very often. The only thing is I haven't managed to get myself an outfit yet.

I've left it a bit last minute, but hopefully I'll find something in the shops next week. It'll be nice to get away to Galway for the night. We're just back from Portugal but Kelly and I might plan another break before the year is out.

We normally go skiing but depending on wedding plans we may not get to do that next year.

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