Tuesday 25 September 2018

25pc of Irish women have one-night stands on holiday

26.6pc of women here would have a fling. Stock photo
26.6pc of women here would have a fling. Stock photo

More than a quarter of Irish women have one-night stands on their summer holidays, research has revealed.

A study carried out by Victoria Milan - a dating site for married and attached people looking to have an affair - shows our ladies like to find a fling while abroad.

Irish women keep their one-night stands close to home usually, with 34.5pc saying they prefer to get naked with someone nearby.

However, 26.6pc said they would have a one-night stand while on summer holiday.


The survey asked 6,758 of its active female members how to best find sexual encounters with no strings attached.

Women from 15 countries who regularly have one-night stands with strangers, and those who have one-night stands during summer holidays, have responded.

Around the world, women have different tastes. Some like to have one-night stands around once a month.

Others prefer to save their naughtiness for summer holidays, and will have one-night stands only once a year.

How do our Irish ladies compare with the other countries on the list?

Finnish ladies are most likely to have an affair on their vacation, while we currently sit eighth.

Victoria Milan's founder and CEO, Sigurd Vedal, said that, while sexy and adventurous, one-night stands could be considered a waste of time for people looking for ongoing sex with no strings attached.

"Why meet someone and sleep with them just once, when you can find someone with the same priorities as you - a desire for great sex with the understanding there'll be no fuss afterwards as you both have responsibilities and lives of your own?" he asked.

"Being able to meet like- minded adults for no strings sex is perfect for busy people or those who are on vacations. Our research even identifies which countries to holiday in to have one-night stands."

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