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24 dead in rail crash carnage

A cargo train loaded with coal has collided with a truck carrying farm workers at a crossing in eastern South Africa, killing at least 24 people.

"The accident was messy," said government spokesman Thulani Sibuyi describing heads and limbs severed from bodies.

At least 25 people were injured in the accident in Mpumalanga, an eastern province.

Authorities were still struggling to count all the injured.

The owner of the truck is being questioned by the police. It appears likely that he crossed the tracks and misjudged the distance to the arriving train, officials said.

Protesters held after LA clash

A free-speech protest in Los Angeles turned into a bottle-throwing clash with police that ended in 20 arrests.

The confrontation occurred during Art Walk, a monthly event that encourages people to visit galleries, bars and restaurants in a revitalised downtown area.

Protesters said they were demonstrating against the recent arrests of people for chalking on sidewalks.

Police said some protesters began throwing cans and glass bottles.

Three officers were treated for minor injuries and a policewoman received mild concussion. Several protesters were hurt as police struck with beanbag ammunition and batons.