Friday 22 November 2019

€20k 'loan' to notorious 'Mago' hitman may have sealed gun victim's fate

Pals Sean Little and Jordan Davis were murdered just 17 hours apart
Pals Sean Little and Jordan Davis were murdered just 17 hours apart

Gardai are investigating if a young man shot dead as he pushed his baby in a buggy had fallen further into the money mire after one of the country's most dangerous gangland criminals "borrowed" €20,000 from him.

Jordan Davis (22) was shot just 17 hours after his close pal Sean Little (also 22) was murdered in a suspected gangland double-cross on Tuesday night.

Officers in Coolock are examining different theories about the Davis murder but are in no doubt that he was killed because he owed a major drugs debt.

Sources said the murder was "most likely" carried out by a young local criminal who was unmasked and escaped from the scene on a red mountain bike, which has since been recovered by gardai.


They have also received intelligence the gunman has been "boasting" about the murder, claiming that even if he is caught, he believes he "will only serve 10 years".

It can be revealed that gardai believe Davis's financial situation suffered after a notorious hitman took €20,000 in cash from him just weeks before he was gunned down.

This hitman has been arrested for the botched feud-related attempted murder of Hutch mob associate James 'Mago' Gately at Clonshaugh in 2017.

The hitman is now out of the country having fled his south inner city base in March.

"Davis was in serious financial bother and the fact that 20 grand was taken from him definitely did not help his situation," a source said last night.

"It is not known if the hitman planned to give the money he had taken from Davis back, but it meant that he had even less money to pay the gang who he owed money for drugs to, and this may well have contributed to his death."

The notorious hitman is not a suspect in the Davis murder.

The Herald can reveal that the hitman's younger brother was a very close pal of Little, who was gunned down in a laneway in Balbriggan on Tuesday night.

The hitman's brother is based in the Artane area and is a major target for officers based in Raheny and Clontarf.

Gardai are investigating if Little was shot dead by a 31-year-old Coolock criminal who has close links to feared drugs trafficker 'Mr Big'.

However, this is just one theory among many in the complicated investigation.

As in the case of the murder of his friend Davis, gardai believe that the most likely motive for Little's murder was something to do with a major drugs debt.

Little's body was found beside his own burning car near Balbriggan on Tuesday night.

The shooting happened at Rowan's Little, Walshestown, at about 11.20pm.

It is believed Little was the victim of a gangland double-cross and had been lured to the area by a close associate who set him up.

He was shot multiple times in the head, face and chest.

Little and Davis were also pals of the first gangland murder victim of 2019 - Zach Parker (22), who was shot dead as he left a gym in Swords, north Co Dublin, on the night of January 17.


Little was so shocked over his pal's death that he briefly "called a halt" to his drug dealing and cash-gathering activities.

He even used a profile photo of himself with slain Parker on his Instagram account homepage.

"A lot of people were very upset when Zach was gunned down like that in Swords but none so much as Sean Little. He was very close to Zach. They did a lot of business together," a source said.

"It seems that Zach considered himself almost untouchable because of his relationship with Little, as he often boasted that he had links to young members of the Kinahan cartel based in the Crumlin area of the southside."

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