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200 million-to-1 identical triplets for 'shocked and tired' Dublin mum


The triplets were born at Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital on January 1

The triplets were born at Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital on January 1

The triplets were born at Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital on January 1

A Dublin couple are celebrating the birth of identical triplets - which experts say is as unlikely as one in 200 million.

Annmarie Byrne-Ryan and David Ryan became parents to the three genetic miracles after Annmarie gave birth to all boys in the Rotunda Hospital at around midday on New Year's Day.

While the exact infrequency of an event like this is unknown, estimations among experts vary from 1,000,000/1 to 200,000,000/1.

What is even more spectacular about the boys, who have yet to be named, is that both multiplicity in births, and the likelihood of having identical children, is drastically increased with fertility treatment - but their conception was unaided.

Annmarie, who is originally from Swords, said that her pregnancy was completely unexpected.


"It was very much a shock because it wasn't planned," she told RTE's Morning Ireland.

"We got married at the end of April and went on honeymoon to Croatia in May, and where most people come back with fridge magnets, myself and David brought home triplets.

"So we were in shock about that and we didn't even know we were having them obviously until I had a bit of a bleed nine or 10 weeks in.

"We came into the hospital and we found out then.

"Then it was even more of a shock to find out they were identical."

The triplets are expected to spend around two or three weeks in nursery before the parents can take them home.

In the meantime, Annmarie, who said she was "a little bit tired", is yet to hold all three together.

"They're doing well. I've yet to see all three together," she said.

"[I'm in] a little bit of pain, but I'm OK.

"I'm just relieved they're here, they're healthy and all is good at the moment anyway, thank God.

"David's been up and down, back and forward to the neonatal care unit taking loads of pictures, keeping me updated. So I'm anxious myself to get down to see them."

In total, there were 23 babies born at the Rotunda on New Year's Day, including Patience Setuke's new daughter Victoria Setuke, who was the first baby born in the 2020s.

Victoria was born at 12.12am, weighing in at a healthy 7lb 12oz.