Wednesday 22 November 2017

18,000 facing bin charges in waiver fear

GREYHOUND Recycling has refused to rule out abolishing the waiver system in South Dublin -- a move that would force thousands of households to pay bin charges for the first time.

A waiver is given to households whose sole income is from social welfare or where the household income falls below the income tax threshold.

Pressure was mounting on the company today to "come clean" on whether it will provide the waiver system to 18,000 customers for a further 12 months.


The company, which recently took control of the bin service in Dublin city, refused to rule out abolishing the waivers when contacted by the Herald.

Fears are growing among councillors that any move to do so would lump more pain on struggling families. There are 40,000 'waiver' customers in the city.

Greyhound said today that "no decision" has been made in relation to South Dublin customers.

A spokesperson said: "When we took over the service we made it clear that we would honour the waiver for 12 months.

"That period finishes in April. However no decision has been made. The issue will be examined over the coming weeks and all waiver customers will be notified by Greyhound."

Fianna Fail councillor Trevor Gilligan said abolishing the waiver would hit families in terms of "being able to put food on the table".

"As a local representative, I've been watching the uproar over the sale of the bin service in the city to Greyhound, but what people often forget is we've been through it all already.

"I'm inundated with complaints from people dissatisfied with the way Greyhound treat them. I certainly would have major concerns for people if the waiver abandoned.


"I'm calling on Greyhound to maintain the waiver system."

Meanwhile the Data Protection Commissioner has launched a probe into the transfer of the details of thousands of customers from Dublin City Council.

Deputy data protection officer Gary Davis says they launched the investigation after an initial inquiry with the council was unsatisfactory.


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